Outsourced Services.

User Experience (UX) Assurance.

It's never easy to delight customers, and it's never more important to do so than now! Customer churn costs billions in lost future revenue, and handling unhappy customers before they churn increases costs. Getting User Experience right reduces one of the drivers for customers churning away.

Our User Experience deliveries have been either pro-active initiatives to improve current End to End user experience as a Business Improvement Initiative, or have been assuring that a technology or business project doesn't adversely affect User Experience.

At LRH we have experience and a great track record devising and carrying out Customer / User experience activities for Tier 1 branded customers that involve:

  • - Benchmarking what user experience is now
  • - Market research on how best to improve it
  • - Designing assurance / test programmes that assure user experience is protected or improved if required
  • - Co-ordinating representative personnel and actual target market in the User Experience process


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Technical Testing.

In a project lifecycle there are many phases of testing and assurance, ranging from User Experience Testing, to non-functional testing such as performance, failure scenario's and security testing.

A key element of this is Technical Testing, involving key technical skills required for systems integration, new product introduction and analysis of the end to end solution.

Working closely with the end to end design authorities the technical testing teams bridge the gap between design and engineers, and working hand in hand with both, drive forward the solution development.

At LRH we have Technical Test capability that we can insource or outsource, and a wide range of unique tools that will assure the end speedy integration of the solution.


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Test Execution.

Test Execution works slightly differently. The purpose of Test Execution is surface the issues by using the solution as it is either supposed to be used, or may be used. This will expose what doesn't work so that they can carry out a Rapid Assessment and then invoke a Technical Tester to root cause the issue.

This approach is the best of all worlds as:

  • - Test Executioners surface more issues quicker, allowing triage and proper prioritisation
  • - Test Executioners free up Technical Testers from checking things that work
  • - Test Executioners protect the rarer skillsets of Technical Testers from becoming over utilised
  • - While Technical Testers are analysing defects they aren't testing - Test Executioners can be


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Security Testing / Assurance.

In todays environment, having a secure solution is essential not just for avoiding unnecessary disruption but for protecting customer information and data.

Every day significant new threats and risks are introduced to the world by criminals and fraudsters as well as the bored. It is unlikely that the perpetrators of this are ever likely to give up and so vigilance is necessary from initilal product implementation through to an ongoing programme of security assurance.

LRH has skilled security professionals, including CLAS practitioners (CLAS is the accreditation scheme for CESG - the Information Assurance arm of GCHQ Cheltenham) that are able to carry out security and information assurance up to and including official govenrment classification 'SECRET'.

While not everyone needs this level of security, the skills and techniques apply equally to a commercial setting. To help protect our Clients LRH offers:

  • - VPN Testing
  • - Penetration Testing
  • - Application Security Testing
  • - Internal Network Testing
  • - Firewall Assessments
  • - Wireless Testing
  • - Vulnerability Assessment
  • - Security Solution Architecture


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